French media: Neymar’s annual salary in Saudi Arabia is 0.2 billion euros, and the Saudi media Post 500000 euros per post

Live broadcast on August 15, French media reported on footmercato that the new moon in Riyadh would offer high contracts and benefits to introduce Paris striker Neymar.

Last summer, the new moon in Riyadh had intended to introduce Ronaldo, but the latter joined the Victory in Riyadh at winter window. In response to its rivals in the same city, the new moon in Riyadh prepared to introduce Massey at an annual salary of 0.5 billion euros, but the latter finally chose Miami International.

It is reported that Neymar will be introduced in the new moon of Riyadh, and the players will sign a contract for two years with a transfer fee of 0.1 billion euros, including a bonus of up to 0.12 billion euros. In terms of salary, Neymar requires the same salary as Benzema, reaching an annual salary of 0.2 billion euros and possessing portrait rights.

In addition to salary, Neymar will also have private planes, just like Ronaldo’s previous treatment. Neymar can also live with his girlfriend Bruna biankadi. Although Saudi local laws prohibit unmarried cohabitation, Neymar will also own a mansion and supporting staff.

In addition, Neymar will receive a prize of about 80000 euros for every victory in the new moon of Riyadh. If Neymar promotes Saudi Arabia on personal social media, he can earn 500000 euros for each post.


Sand super? Sand money! All the stars of the big ball, Jusha Telian!

Sky reporter: Guadiola is pushing Manchester City to sign Paquita, and the players also want to leave the team.

Live broadcast bar on August 15 news Sky reporter Dharmesh Sheth news, paquetta wants to leave the team to join Manchester City.

The reporter said that the team is currently pushing the team to sign paquetta from West Ham. According to the Daily Mail, a quotation of 70 million pounds +10 million pounds is enough for West Ham to release people.


Reporter: sparletti will coach the Italian national team. On August 16, official announcement

Live Bar, August 15-Italian market-wide journalist posted on his social media Alessandro Alciato, saying that Spaletti would become the new coach of the Italian national team.

He wrote: Spalletti will become the new coach of the Italian national team, and this news will be officially announced on August 16.

Quan Juwen reported that the news Alessandro Alciato seemed to suggest that the clause problem in Spalletti’s contract had been solved.

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Dutch Telegraph: tinber’s preliminary examination showed that the anterior cross ligament was injured and the injury would be missing for several months.

Live broadcast on August 14 News Dutch Telegraph news, tinber preliminary examination for anterior cross ligament injury, will be injured for several months, and the players around the source has confirmed this point.

In the first round of the Premier League, Arsenal played Nottingham Forest at home. At the end of the first half, tinber turned yellow in the foul and injured himself. After receiving medical treatment, he returned to the stadium. In the 48th minute of the game, tinber retreated without confrontation, and Fu’an Jianyang came on the bench.