Guardian: Everton doesn’t want to lose Ona. Manchester United wants to sign him at least 50 million pounds.

Live broadcast, August 14, according to the British Media Guardian, Manchester United needs at least 50 million pounds if they want to sign Everton midfield Ona.

Onana joined Everton from Lille for 33 million pounds last summer. Everton was unwilling to lose the Belgian international and insisted that the club had no pressure to sell him. He was a key member of the Dai Qi array, toffee hopes to keep Onana for at least one year.

However, Manchester United turned its target to Ona after chasing Amarbat without any progress, and made contact with Everton, but at least 50 million pounds was needed to persuade Everton to sell the 21-year-old player, at the same time, considering that the transfer fee of top midfield players this summer is very high, toffee may ask for more.

Everton’s attitude is that if Ona performs well, his value will continue to grow, but people also realize that if Manchester United’s interest continues to rise, it will be difficult to retain Ona NK. Teng Hach hopes to strengthen the Manchester United midfield. The club believes that Ona not only has excellent defensive ability, but also has good ball control ability, which can meet the requirements of Teng Hach. If there is a new midfield to join, mike Minai may be sold.


Colie Moore: Pochetino trusts Sterling very much. He is one of the most experienced players in the Blues.

Live broadcast, August 14 -old Liverpool General Colie Moore was interviewed by the media and commented on Chelsea striker Sterling.

Colie Moore said: “Sterling performed very well in the match against Liverpool. It seemed that Pochetino trusted Sterling very much. He put his arm around Sterling’s shoulder and said, ‘I don’t care what other coaches say, with me, you will have a bright future!”

“Don’t forget, Sterling is now one of the most experienced players in the Blues. He will be 29 years old by the end of the year. I hope to see him not only fight for his position on the court, but also shoulder the responsibility of leader. In the dressing room, he can provide experience and make important voices for the team and become an example for young players. This may be the reason why pochertino trusted him highly from the beginning.”

(Little Green Devil)