Teves: Many people criticize me for playing football in China, but they don’t know the truth.

Live broadcast on August 15, Shanghai Shenhua foreign aid Teves talked about his career experience when he was interviewed recently.

Teves: “Many people criticize me because I went to China to play football. But actually, they don’t know my story.

Listen, let me tell you one thing. When I joined Corinthians (2005), it was the watershed of my career.

Through that transfer, I made a lot of money. However, do you know what I did? I told my broker that I didn’t want the money, I just wanted to buy 15 houses and let my family leave Fuerte Apache.

No one knows this, but I am trying to support 15 families, including my brother, uncle and so on. If you count, there are about 60 people.

Everything I do is because I hope that the next generation of Teves can be better, receive good education, and do not experience what I have experienced.”


Kill Liverpool! TA & Romano: Rava decided to join Chelsea, with an amount of 50 million pounds + floating

Live broadcast bar, August 15, TA famous story Ornstein News, Southampton midfield Ravia has decided to join Chelsea, the transfer fee is 50 million pounds plus floating bonus. Later, the name of Romano also confirmed the news.

According to the report, Chelsea has a good relationship with Southampton and it is expected that there will be no problems in the transaction. Liverpool also intended to Ravine, but the players finally chose Chelsea.