Neville: Manchester City players have both skills and bodies, which is why they won the treble.

Live broadcast on August 15 news Manchester United resident Neville was interviewed by the media, talking about the performance of the Premier League opener Manchester City, Neville expressed his views.

Neville said: “Manchester City is not at its best, but nowadays they can win the game in many ways. We know their high standards and control, as well as the explosive point of Harland.”

“Their locating ball is a big threat. Manchester City players are much stronger than Burnley. You always say that when Burnley plays against Manchester City, you will think Burnley players are stronger and Manchester City players are better at skills.”

“The current situation is that compared with most teams, Manchester City players not only have better skills, but also have stronger bodies. This is a link that needs attention, which is also the reason why Manchester City won the treble.”

(Little Green Devil)