Skyla: OLiS joins Chelsea one step distant Newcastle is interested in cuicu Leilia

Live broadcast bar, August 15 according to the reporter Skyla, Crystal Palace player Orris is one step away from joining Chelsea.

Skyla updated the media talked about Chelsea’s transfer situation. The Reporter said that Chelsea defender cuicu Leilia might leave the team this summer, and Newcastle showed interest in the player.

Meanwhile, Skyla said that the Crystal Palace side player Olis was one step away from joining Chelsea. He had agreed to the personal terms and the two sides would sign a long contract.


Fabio steals Benzema assists! Benzema sent a direct plug in the counterattack, and hammered shot the door.

Live broadcast bar, August 14 news, the first round of Sha Telian, defending champion Jida United guest battle breidai pioneer.

In the 58th minute of the game, fabino broke the ball, Benzema pushed forward with the ball and sent out a precise plug. Hammered broke the door with receive the ball incuts on the left and Jida led 1-0.

Hammerd won the Saudi gold boots with 21 goals last season. He also played for the Chinese club Guangzhou Fuli.

Guardian: Everton doesn’t want to lose Ona. Manchester United wants to sign him at least 50 million pounds.

Live broadcast, August 14, according to the British Media Guardian, Manchester United needs at least 50 million pounds if they want to sign Everton midfield Ona.

Onana joined Everton from Lille for 33 million pounds last summer. Everton was unwilling to lose the Belgian international and insisted that the club had no pressure to sell him. He was a key member of the Dai Qi array, toffee hopes to keep Onana for at least one year.

However, Manchester United turned its target to Ona after chasing Amarbat without any progress, and made contact with Everton, but at least 50 million pounds was needed to persuade Everton to sell the 21-year-old player, at the same time, considering that the transfer fee of top midfield players this summer is very high, toffee may ask for more.

Everton’s attitude is that if Ona performs well, his value will continue to grow, but people also realize that if Manchester United’s interest continues to rise, it will be difficult to retain Ona NK. Teng Hach hopes to strengthen the Manchester United midfield. The club believes that Ona not only has excellent defensive ability, but also has good ball control ability, which can meet the requirements of Teng Hach. If there is a new midfield to join, mike Minai may be sold.


Neville: Manchester City players have both skills and bodies, which is why they won the treble.

Live broadcast on August 15 news Manchester United resident Neville was interviewed by the media, talking about the performance of the Premier League opener Manchester City, Neville expressed his views.

Neville said: “Manchester City is not at its best, but nowadays they can win the game in many ways. We know their high standards and control, as well as the explosive point of Harland.”

“Their locating ball is a big threat. Manchester City players are much stronger than Burnley. You always say that when Burnley plays against Manchester City, you will think Burnley players are stronger and Manchester City players are better at skills.”

“The current situation is that compared with most teams, Manchester City players not only have better skills, but also have stronger bodies. This is a link that needs attention, which is also the reason why Manchester City won the treble.”

(Little Green Devil)

Uncle slag’s heart is bitterLiverpool lost two in a row in the transfer game, and kessedo and Ravia were both finalized by the Blues.

Live broadcast bar, August 15 news The Athletic news, Rava has chosen to join Chelsea, and The transfer fee is 50 million pounds plus floating. This player is also an important target for Liverpool.

After the previous cessedo was intercepted, Liverpool suffered two unsuccessful transfer battles in just three days, and the other side was Chelsea.

In the first round of the Premier League not long ago, Chelsea and Liverpool staged a duel and drew 1-1. Both Chelsea and Liverpool showed their demand for the back waist. Now, Liverpool may need to continue to find new targets.


Reporter: Real Madrid is short of defense, and the agent recommended Jiafu to Real Madrid.

Live broadcast bar, August 14, reporter Tomás gonzsélez-Martín wrote an article to analyze the choices Ancelotti faced after militang’s serious injury, which mentioned Milan defender Malik jiav.

The reporter said that Real Madrid had ruled out the possibility of signing Ramos to fight the fire, and it might be the young general of the youth team, Carrillo or Obrador. In addition, Mendi also has the possibility of changing to Zhongwei.

Another factor to be considered is that the agent of Milan zhongweijiafu contacted Real Madrid and asked about the intention of recruiting.

Jiafu is 22 years old and the German Zhongwei is 1.94 meters tall. Currently, Germany is valued at 20 million euros. He made rapid progress after joining Milan last season, with a record of 24 appearances.