Dutch Telegraph: tinber’s preliminary examination showed that the anterior cross ligament was injured and the injury would be missing for several months.

Live broadcast on August 14 News Dutch Telegraph news, tinber preliminary examination for anterior cross ligament injury, will be injured for several months, and the players around the source has confirmed this point.

In the first round of the Premier League, Arsenal played Nottingham Forest at home. At the end of the first half, tinber turned yellow in the foul and injured himself. After receiving medical treatment, he returned to the stadium. In the 48th minute of the game, tinber retreated without confrontation, and Fu’an Jianyang came on the bench.

Sky: Burleigh did not take over the transfer negotiation of kesedo. Winstanley is the key to the completion of the transaction.

Live broadcast, August 15 according to Sky Sports News, Burleigh is not the key to the transfer of kesedo.

Brighton midfield kesedo’s transfer to Chelsea is about to be announced. The player’s basic transfer fee is 0.1 billion pounds, and another 15 million pounds is the bonus clause, which is related to the qualification of games played and Europe. The two sides signed a contract for 8 years, there is also a one-year option to renew the contract, and Brighton also has a considerable second share in this transaction.

When talking about this transaction, Sky Sports said that there were rumors that Chelsea boss Burleigh and egbley took over the transfer negotiations on kesedo, but this was not true, paul Winstanley, the joint sports director, is the key to the completion of the transaction.


Reporter: Bayern is not willing to negotiate on Pawal at present, but still has contact with Manchester United.

Live broadcast bar, August 15, xunde Sky reporter Florian Plettenberg news, Bayern is not willing to sell Paval.

The reporter said that Bayern was not willing to negotiate on Pawal at present, and the club did not give the green light for the players to leave the team.

Parval has reached a verbal agreement with Manchester United on the contract, and there is also a connection between the two clubs.


Post: Manchester City will quote parquetta for the second time, 70 million +10 million pounds is enough for West Ham to release

The live broadcast bar reported by Mail on August 14 that Manchester City was willing to raise its offer to Paquita and the players also hoped to transfer.

Previously, West Ham rejected Manchester City’s offer of 60 million pounds for Paquita and then rose to 70 million pounds.

The Post said that Manchester City would provide the second offer to paquetta, and the player’s contract contained a 85 million pound termination clause effective in the summer of 2024, however, an offer of 70 million pounds +10 million pounds floating terms this summer is enough to impress West Ham’s players.

Paquetta hopes to move to Manchester City this summer. The senior executives of West Ham and Moyes have already understood his wish, although they are not willing to lose another main force after Rice, but the team’s recruiter is already looking for a replacement for Paquita.


Uncle slag’s heart is bitterLiverpool lost two in a row in the transfer game, and kessedo and Ravia were both finalized by the Blues.

Live broadcast bar, August 15 news The Athletic news, Rava has chosen to join Chelsea, and The transfer fee is 50 million pounds plus floating. This player is also an important target for Liverpool.

After the previous cessedo was intercepted, Liverpool suffered two unsuccessful transfer battles in just three days, and the other side was Chelsea.

In the first round of the Premier League not long ago, Chelsea and Liverpool staged a duel and drew 1-1. Both Chelsea and Liverpool showed their demand for the back waist. Now, Liverpool may need to continue to find new targets.


Teves: Many people criticize me for playing football in China, but they don’t know the truth.

Live broadcast on August 15, Shanghai Shenhua foreign aid Teves talked about his career experience when he was interviewed recently.

Teves: “Many people criticize me because I went to China to play football. But actually, they don’t know my story.

Listen, let me tell you one thing. When I joined Corinthians (2005), it was the watershed of my career.

Through that transfer, I made a lot of money. However, do you know what I did? I told my broker that I didn’t want the money, I just wanted to buy 15 houses and let my family leave Fuerte Apache.

No one knows this, but I am trying to support 15 families, including my brother, uncle and so on. If you count, there are about 60 people.

Everything I do is because I hope that the next generation of Teves can be better, receive good education, and do not experience what I have experienced.”


Kill Liverpool! TA & Romano: Rava decided to join Chelsea, with an amount of 50 million pounds + floating

Live broadcast bar, August 15, TA famous story Ornstein News, Southampton midfield Ravia has decided to join Chelsea, the transfer fee is 50 million pounds plus floating bonus. Later, the name of Romano also confirmed the news.

According to the report, Chelsea has a good relationship with Southampton and it is expected that there will be no problems in the transaction. Liverpool also intended to Ravine, but the players finally chose Chelsea.

Neymar was about to leave… Paris official: Chief medical officer of the club resigned after working for 4 years

Live broadcast on August 15, Paris Saint-Germain officially announced that Christopher Bodo would resign as Chief team doctor and medical director after working in Paris Saint-Germain for 4 years.

Paris Saint-Germain club sincerely thanks Christopher Bodo for his professional spirit and welcomes Patrick Flemish to become the new medical director of the first team.


Reporter: Real Madrid is short of defense, and the agent recommended Jiafu to Real Madrid.

Live broadcast bar, August 14, reporter Tomás gonzsélez-Martín wrote an article to analyze the choices Ancelotti faced after militang’s serious injury, which mentioned Milan defender Malik jiav.

The reporter said that Real Madrid had ruled out the possibility of signing Ramos to fight the fire, and it might be the young general of the youth team, Carrillo or Obrador. In addition, Mendi also has the possibility of changing to Zhongwei.

Another factor to be considered is that the agent of Milan zhongweijiafu contacted Real Madrid and asked about the intention of recruiting.

Jiafu is 22 years old and the German Zhongwei is 1.94 meters tall. Currently, Germany is valued at 20 million euros. He made rapid progress after joining Milan last season, with a record of 24 appearances.


Evra: not surprised by Moyers’s success at West Ham, but he is doomed to fail at Manchester United.

Live broadcast on August 15 news in the new book preview activity, old Manchester United general Evra commented on the former RED MAGIC coach and now West Ham coach Moyes.

Evra said: “I am not surprised that Moyers has succeeded in West Ham. I know how much the players love him.”

“But when he coached Manchester United, he once said to the players, ‘guys, I know you have won everything and you have to teach me experience. ‘I felt at that time, my God, you should never say that. They will eat you alive.”

(Little Green Devil)