Sky: Burleigh did not take over the transfer negotiation of kesedo. Winstanley is the key to the completion of the transaction.

Live broadcast, August 15 according to Sky Sports News, Burleigh is not the key to the transfer of kesedo.

Brighton midfield kesedo’s transfer to Chelsea is about to be announced. The player’s basic transfer fee is 0.1 billion pounds, and another 15 million pounds is the bonus clause, which is related to the qualification of games played and Europe. The two sides signed a contract for 8 years, there is also a one-year option to renew the contract, and Brighton also has a considerable second share in this transaction.

When talking about this transaction, Sky Sports said that there were rumors that Chelsea boss Burleigh and egbley took over the transfer negotiations on kesedo, but this was not true, paul Winstanley, the joint sports director, is the key to the completion of the transaction.